UAW Local 598 Members News

LOC Members Elect Their First CHAIRPERSON and ALTERNATE

Congratulations to Brother Jason Buczak and Sister Takeisha Hillard

Local 598 President Ryan Buchalski performs the swearing-in of LOC Chairperson Jason Buczak and Alternate Takeisha Hillard.

Congratulations to Brother Jason Buczak and Sister Takeisha Hillard 

Jason was elected to the Chair/Committeeperson position, and Takeisha was elected Alternate Committeeperson.  The elections took place on March 17th, and the LOC membership now has
its first Bargaining Unit at Flint Assembly.  A special thanks to the Election Committee for their commitment
to ensuring confidence and integrity were present throughout.  Thank you to everyone who took an
interest in your Local Union and ran for a position, and also to the LOC membership for taking the time to exercise your right to vote.

Detroit - On behalf of the UAW and all my sisters and brothers, I want to extend our sympathies and prayers on this tragic day to the families of the 10 victims in Boulder, Colorad

Detroit -- On behalf of the entire UAW and all my brothers and sisters, I want to extend our heartfelt sympathies and prayers to the families of the victims of Tuesday’s horrific s

Former UAW Vice President Richard Shoemaker passed away Friday March 12 at the age of 81.

It has been a busy year so allow me to briefly share with you what our region and active and retired members have been doing and where we are headed.

GM Call-In System

There is a call-in system in place for GM employees to notify management of any absence. Be sure to have a pen and paper available before you call so you can document the sequence number at the end of the call.
1. Dial 1-800-222-8889.
2. Enter your 9-digit GMIN number (you cannot enter your Social Security number.)
3. Choose an absence reason from the following list:
Press 1  late
Press 2  sick
Press 3  sickness or accident in family
Press 4  car trouble
Press 5  injured
Press 6  death in family
Press 7  personal time off

The following excerpt from The Legal Rights of Union Stewards by Robert M. Schwartz, (c) 1999, is reprinted
with permission from the publisher. "The Legal Rights of Union Stewards" may be purchased by contacting Work
Rights Press at 800-576-4552, or online at
Chapter 5:
Weingarten Rights